Recent Japan–NW Coast Wet Site Exchanges

During the Spring and Summer of 2009 several exchanges were made between the research teams of Akira Matsui, Naoto Yamamoto and Dale Croes.  Following their joint-excavations of Sunken Village, Portland, OR. USA and reporting this work in JWA9 (see Publications), an increased interest in visiting wet sites and wet site collections on both sides of the Pacific initiated several visits. 

First the Japanese wet site archaeologists visited Northwest Museum collections in Washington, USA and British Columbia, Canada. Then U.S. and Canadian wet site researchers visited museum and wet sites throughout southern Japan.  In the summer of 2009 Japanese archaeologists and their graduate students visited and participated in the Qwu?gwes wet site field school.

The following report was developed for local archaeological newsletters and decribes the visits, exchanges, and expanded understanding of cultural sharing throughout the Pacific through wet site excavations.


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