NEW WETLAND BOOK! Wetland Archaeology and Beyond, Theory and Practice

Just Published!  Wetland Archaeology and Beyond, Theory and Practice 

By Francesco Menotti

Date: 2012–Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 978-0-19-957101-7

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 Wetland Archaeology and Beyond takes the reader through the fascinating biography of wetland archaeology, from the dawn of the discipline to its remarkable achievements. Through a discussion of a large variety of worldwide wetland archaeological sites and their material culture, Menotti offers an appreciative study of the people who occupied these sites and who created the archaeological artefacts. The volume also includes a comprehensive explanation of the procedures and research processes involved in archaeological practice and theory.

Focusing on the relationship between archaeological experts and the general public, Menotti highlights the importance of this relationship for the future of the discipline as wetland ecosystems continue to disappear at an inexorable rate – and with them our invaluable cultural heritage.  TABLE OF CONTENTS:

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Dating Abbreviations
1: Wetland archaeology inside out
2: People-wetlands interactions through space and time
3: Living in and between the wetlands: resource potential and adaptability
4: Abundant well-preserved evidence
5: In the field and beyond: survey, excavation, preservation and conservation
6: Joint effort: a multidisciplinary scientific network
7: True or false? Learning via experiments
8: Wetland archaeology in a wider context
9: Being aware of and protecting wetland cultural heritage

About the Author, and European Coordinator for NewsWARP:

Francesco Menotti, Professor of Archaology, Institute of Prehistory and Archaeological Science, Basel University.

 Francesco Menotti is Professor of Archaeology at the Institute of Prehistory and Archaeological Science, at Basel University, Switzerland. He has been involved in wetland archaeological research for some fifteen years, working on various projects in different parts of Europe. His publications include ‘The missing period': Middle Bronze Age lake-dwellings in the Alps (2001) and Living on the lake in prehistoric Europe (ed.) (2004).



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