Ancient Toy War Club from Qwu?gwes Wet Site, Olympia, Washington, U.S.A.

A unique artifact identified as a “Toy War Club” was recovered at Qwu?gwes  and appears to reflect an example of children’s cultural material at the site–please review this find and let us know of any other finds similar to this? 

This artifact was one of the few composite artifacts, combining stone and fiber, found at Qwu?gwes.  It was constructed by attaching a stone pebble head to a red cedar split wood handle using cherry bark strips as the binding material.  Although this artifact was small, the discovery of a toy used in play by a child on the beach 600 years ago is a truly spectacular and very human find. For full report:  Toy War Club


  1. Richard Brunning says

    There is a possible toy wooden axe found beside the Neolithic Sweet Track (3806-3800 BC)in Somerset.
    Not as nicely made as this club though.

  2. Gene Woodwick says

    Dale–I was just on a trip down John’s River with Brian Atwater. Since the subsistence of the land extended to the Olympia from the coast,was this site impacted by the 1700 inundation? Is there a correlation between such sites and Atwater’s studies? It was nice to see the toy club again. thanks.

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