The Archeology of the Jomon Period and North American Northwest Coast Prehistoric Culture–Ozette Case Study

This is a report from Akira Matsui’s and  colleagues’ recent visit to the Paddle to Squaxin and the Ozette site and museum, relating the 1700 mudslide at Ozette to the immediate aftermath of the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake of 2011. Akira Matsui has reported the cultural resources damage of the 2011 earthquake in NewsWARP under Announcements. 

By Akira Matsui, Director, Center for Archaeological Operations, Nara National Cultural Properties, National Institutes for Cultural Heritage, Nara, Japan and Asia NewsWARP Coordinator

 The Ozette site is not only a site rich with wooden items and basketry textiles in a state of preservation rarely seen around the world, it is also a site in which geology, seismology, tree-ring chronology, as well as the results of research into Japanese historical records regarding tsunamis have been masterfully synthesized to succeed in shedding light on its dramatic history. 

See full report in Japanese and English:  Japanese Version of Paper ; English Version of Paper–The Archeology of the Jomon Period and North American Northwest Coast–translated by Jaered and Dale Croes

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