WARP30 Paper/PowerPoint: The Wooden Stone Age — A Paradise for Experimental Archaeologists

We hope to publish papers and PowerPoints given at the recent 30th Anniversary of WARP Conference, held June 28th — July 2nd, 2016 at the University of Bradford, England.  Urs Leuzinger provided me his Flash Drive at the conference with his Paper, both in Swiss and English (we publish in NewsWARP in all languages) and a PowerPoint PDF.  Here is part of his Abstract, and the whole thing can be seen in the WARP30 program catalog under the Conference menu category in NewsWARP.

The Wooden Stone Age–A Paradise for Experimental Archaeologists  by Urs Leuzinger, Department of Archaeology Thurgau (Frauenfeld, Switzerland)

Thanks to the excellent preservation conditions that prevailed in the waterlogged layers of the prehistoric wetland settlements around the Alps precise information is available on the architecture and implements that would not normally have survived the past millennia. Wooden objects in particular, but also textiles and botanical remains, complement the usual artefact categories of stone, pottery and metal. This lecture presents a selection of features and finds from pile-dwelling settlements that allow today’s craftspeople to create replicas.

To see the full paper in English and Swiss click on:  The Wooden Stone Age (English),  The Wooden Stone Age (Swiss)  And the excellent PowerPoint:  The Wooden Stone Age PowerPoint Presentation



charred textiles
Charred Textiles found in Swiss Lake Dwelling Wet Site
replicating textiles
Replicating Ancient Textiles from Swiss Wet Site
spindle whorl
Ancient wooden spindle whorl with yarn still adhering

spindle whorl drawings

Illustration of ancient spindle whorls found in Swiss Wet Sites



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