Journal of Wetland Archaeology: Open Call for Papers

Having just issued JWA Volume 11 as a special issue dedicated to recent studies of the world famous wetland site at Star Carr, Volume 12 is now open for papers on any topic in wetland archaeology from methodology to synthesis and theory. All periods and all geographic regions are covered. Contributions may take the form of substantial research papers (normally up to 6000 words in length) or shorter papers (up to 3000 words in length). JWA will also consider longer site-based papers up to 12,000 words in length by agreement with the editor. Short papers may include notes on new techniques, philosophical discussions, current controversies and suggestions for new research, as well as conventional research papers. Preliminary discussions with the Editor are encouraged.

Managing Editor: Tony Brown (PLUS, University of Southampton) Email:

 See Also the WARP and PLUS Websites;

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