Sinchangdong Wetland Site in Gwangju, KOREA

Akira Matsui, NewsWARP’s Asia Coordinator, provides this update report on a major wetland site in Korea.  The Sinchangdong wet site contains an abundance of agricultural remains originating from the period between the late 2nd B.C. to 3rd A.D. century.  The site contains three ditch features with a U-shaped cross-sectional view, one of which one contains large wooden posts measuring 25cm in diameter erected at regular intervals, along with a door panel. Archaeologists believe that they are the remains of a raised-floor building used as a storage facility or workshop. Found in another ditch were a line of smaller wooden posts measuring 5 to 10cm in diameter, which were probably used to set a net for fishing. Please see the full report at:  Sinchangdong Wetland Site in Gwangju, KOREA

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