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Hoko77 25.23

During the late 1970s and 1980s we excavated a 3,000 year old wet site and 900 year old Rockshelter at the mouth of the Hoko River, Washington State, USA. Even though much of the photographic recording was in color slides and black and white film, we undertook to scan over 3000 representative images from the work and this is indexed for both sites, including a way to virtually excavate in 5 cm levels in the Hoko Rockshelter. Though the first and second volume of the The Hoko River Archaeological Site Complex reports are available through Washington State University Press (1-800-354-7360), and entitled The Hoko River Archaeological Site Complex, the Wet/Dry Site (45CA213), 3,000 – 1,700 B.P. (1996) and The Rockshelter (45CA21), 1,000 – 100 B.P. we wanted to make this Hoko River DIGITAL IMAGE ARCHIVE available in NewsWARP. Please explore it at:  Hoko River Archaeological Site Complex Digital Archive .  May help in classes as an example of a virtual excavation of a shell midden. The software is a bit old, but at least we have more of the site documented in this manner. Any input appreciated.Fish Experiment reducedBVB00287

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