Ethnobotany Research at the Middle and Late Neolithic Semi-agricultural site of Hekelingen III

Archaeobotanist Dr. Welmoed Out, Moesgaard Museum, Department of Archaeological Science and Conservation and NewsWARP subscriber sent us two of her recent articles on the archaeobotany of a Dutch Neolithic wetland site:  Helelingen III:

2015  The best of both worlds:  Human impact and plant subsistence at the Middle and Late Neolithic semi-agricultural site of Hekelingen III (2900-2500 BC) (Out with Walter Dorfler, Germany) (Click Here)


2016  Wood usage at Dutch Neolithic wetland sites  (Click Here)

A. Paddle, B. Bow, C. Haft and detail of shaft hole  Dutch Neolithic Welmoed A. Out(A) Paddle, Acer sp.

(B)  Bow fragment, 2 views, Taxus sp.

(C & D) Haft and detail of shaft hole, Acer sp.

Image:  National Museum of Antiquities, Leiden, the Netherlands

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