Marc-Antoine Kaeser’s papers on pile-dwellings around the Alps

Pile DwellingSince 2011, the Prehistoric pile-dwellings around the Alps have been listed in the UNESCO World Heritage charter. This reflects the importance of the study of these sites, both in the shaping of the methods of prehistoric science, and for the understanding of habitat, economy, craft and everyday life during the recent prehistory of Europe.

In this sense, the application to World Heritage which started in 2004 heralds the start of a new era in pile-dwelling research, fostered by a new generation of prehistorians, who take advantage of a renewed, critical and reflexive historiography in order to dispassionately address this potentially sensitive past.
Marc-Antoine Kaeser
Directeur du Laténium – Parc et musée d’archéologie
Professeur associé à l’Institut d’archéologie, Université de Neuchâtel
Lat̩nium РEspace Paul-Vouga РCH-2068 Hauterive

Marc-Antoine Kaeser, sent these three papers (in French–we publish in all languages) on his work and an update will be presented at WARP30, June 28–July 2nd, 2016 in Bradford, England WARP30 .  Hope you can attend.

KAESER M.-A. (1997). «Le pacifisme des Lacustres. Considérations sur les fondements idéologiques du Sonderfall suisse». Revue historique neuchâteloise [Neuchâtel] 1997: 297-306.
KAESER M.-A. (2000). «Le fantasme lacustre. Un mythe et ses implications idéologiques dans la Suisse du XIXe siècle». In L’homme préhistorique: Images et imaginaire (A. & J. Ducros eds.). Paris, L’Harmattan: 81-107.
KAESER M.-A. (2002). «L’autonomie des représentations, ou lorsque l’imaginaire collectif s’empare des images savantes. L’exemple des stations palafittiques». In Lebensbilder – Scènes de vie. Actes du colloque de Zoug, 13-14 mars 2001 (P. Jud & G. Kaenel eds.). Zug, GPS/AGUS: 33-40.

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